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The Agenda 2030 and the Agenda 2063 in international schoolpartnerships

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15.04.2021, 16:00 bis 18:00 Uhr
Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG We Have, the SDG We Want! - The Agenda 2030 (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) and Agenda 2063 (African Goals) in international school partnerships from a Global South Perspective.

In the world of co-development politics, September 25, 2015 was celebrated as the date of an unprecedented turning point, the launching of the SDG. The outstanding conclusion of the SDG: for the first time the Global North was declared as a developing region, too. In this optic, the Agenda 2063 has been drafted as a masterplan for transforming Africa into a continent of sustainable development. However, the implementing of the agenda 2063, the SDG’s and the evolvement of its transformative role to overcome fundamental threats for life on earth, encounters huge structural and political challenges: colonialities, capitalistic paradigms and power hierarchies regarding decision taking and implementing processes. The drafting of the SDG was once inspired by life concepts and philosophies of societies, which experience discrimination and racism to a highest extent: indigenous and native people. Sumak Kawsay, wrongly translated in Buen Vivir promotes the understanding that we all are part of nature and nature is a common gift we must protect in a common approach. Thus, to be successfully implemented the SDG and the Agenda 2063 need to be purified from its immanent incoherence and asymmetry: Sustainable development versus growth-orientated economic and colonialities. How international youth exchange programs should consider these challenges? This presentation will invite us to discuss these issues.

Referent: Abdou Rahime Diallo

Abdou Rahime Diallo comes from Guinea and lives in Berlin, Germany. Since 2005 he has been advising ministries, institutions and diaspora organizations in the areas of migration, development policy, participation, and networking. One focus of his work is raising awareness for anti-racism and the dismantling of colonialities.

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